(Coffee Particle Analyser)

The CPA is the first measuring instrument in the world that meticulously controls the grinding fineness directly at coffee shops, restaurants, roasters and other locations.

Particle analysis is deeply relevant to the art of brewing coffee. We refer to it casually as “grind size” – but there is far more to consider about your ground coffee than meets the (naked) eye.

A discipline employed in many other industries particle analysis tended to require hefty financial investment in specialised, heavy-duty equipment – until now. With 3TEMP’s Coffee Particle Analyser, part of the 3TEMP Brewing System alongside your Hipster Brewer of choice, analysing your ground coffee for uniformity, grind distribution, surface area and roast colour becomes accessible and straightforward, with a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

The CPA employs cutting-edge optic technology – this involves taking a series of photographs of your ground coffee in quick succession from different angles. This allows the device to create a comprehensive and accurate image of the size and surface area distribution of your particles.

With the CPA, you’ll be able to measure different aspects of your coffee, which include:

  • Percentage of particle distribution per size: namely, out of the sample provided, the number of pieces that are of differing sizes.
  • Particle distribution per surface area: namely, out of the sample provided, the median size of particles and their surface area in accordance, and whether or not the majority of the sample is indeed within range of the median size.
  • Particle distribution per weight: namely, out of the sample provided, the volume of your coffee particles, from which we can extrapolate density and thus weight correlation.

In an upcoming update, users will be able to analyse the colour consistency of their coffee sample as well, as part of our Brewer-As-A-Service (BaaS) subscription. In addition, BaaS subscribers will have access to the option of pre-defining ranges of consistency specific to their company, for ease of quality control.

There are a multitude of applications of the CPA along the coffee supply chain – from checking that your grinders are in working order, to ensuring that your pre-ground coffee a is within parameters, to having full knowledge of the kinds of particles that go into your every cup of coffee. The CPA is also connected to the Hipster Brewers, such that you could profile a recipe down to the grind size and be fully confident that you can replicate a recipe, particle for particle.

If you would like more information on the CPA please use the contact form below.